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Best Practices

  • Simplicity is best.
  • Minimize use of color. Be mindful of contrast. 
  • Use predefined slide layout whenever possible.
  • Use predefined lists (e.g., Bullets, Numbering).
  • Ensure that all slides have unique slide titles.
  • Avoid too much text on slide.
  • Font type recommendations: Sans Serif Fonts - e.g., Arial and Tahoma.
  • Font size recommendations: Minimum 32 point.
  • Use simple tables and designate header rows. For example, do not merge or split cells, or embed tables within tables/cells.
  • Hyperlinks: Use text to provide a meaningful description of a website link. For example, when creating a hyperlink use text display to name the website rather than providing the URL or saying "Click here".
  • Provide Alt Text tags for all images and tables.
  • Avoid transitions and animations.
  • Caption video and transcribe audio.
  • Maintain proper reading order in the slides.


Additional Resources

Google Slides

Google is continuously working on improving accessibility features of their products. Google Slides lack many key accessibility functions and documents should be tested using screen readers. 

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