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NYSDSC Web Consultant - Request for Proposals 

For more information about this request: [ Word ]

An organization or consultant to review our current website and listserv to provide suggestions on whether to change current website and how to increase site and listserv usage and visibility. Membership-only access is an important part of this website. Contrast and compare Membership website platforms which is an all-in-one tool used by many different types of organizations to manage all their membership functions, Listserv, membership only content area, event/conference functions, ability to pay online, ability to sell products online, and the cost variations which typically includes variables by numbers of members hosted.

Please provide company or individual qualifications along with project methods, duration and cost, and any benefits that NYSDSC will receive by you participating in this proposal. Provide your intent for consultation for one time and ongoing support costs that the contractor can provide.  Provide any contract terms and conditions.

Contact: DeAnne Martocci, MS, CPACC – President of NYSDSC 2023-2024

Director of Center for Access and Assistive Technology- Hudson Valley Community College


Tamara Mariotti, MS –NYSDSC Marketing and Membership Liaison, Website Liasion

Coordinator of Accessibility Resources – Mohawk Valley Community College

Dates Proposals accepted: March 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023.

DSS Handbook Updated

Thank you to Carolyn Boone for leading the revision of the NYSDSC Handbook for DSS Professionals. Originally developed in 2003, then updated in 2011 with the assistance of Kathy Hoffman. The recent 2018 version reflect the work of the Professional Development committee and updated field information.  You can download it from: NYSDSC Handbook for DSS Professionals  (A comprehensive resource guide for NYS disability service providers; Fall 2011; Spring 2018)

NYSED 2H2 Report Update for 2017-2018

The NYSED 2H2 Report will be live in IDEx by mid July 2018. There are new sections to report this year. Print disability is collected to assist with next steps for funding options. The Directions and a copy of the form are located here. [2H2 Form-PDF] [2H2 Instructions- Word]

NYS Reader’s Aid Program (RAP)Transformation [FLYER]

The amended Reader’s Aid legislation (A06515A) became law on October 23, 2017. Reader’s aid amendments for expansion of it’s funding went into effect January 2018 up to $4000.00 per year. The language to expand the disability eligibility from legally blind or deaf, to include print disability has required additional work. This can also cover the cost of Assistive Technology (AT) for Hard of Hearing (HOH) and Deaf, as well as Blind or visually impaired at a one time cost. 

Contact information and NYSDSC update information for Reader's aid: [PDF]

RAP Student Application: [PDF]

RAP VES-863 Voucher [Word]

RAP VES-865 Page  [Word]

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