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Speech to Text and Voice Controls

Many people are familiar with dictation software, especially if they use a phone to dictate their text messages or to activate the built-in assistant (e.g., Siri). The basic premise is that you speak into the device and it translates your speech to text. There are so many applications of this technology that are beneficial to both those with and without disabilities. Dictation software can be tricky to use because of the individual variation in people’s speech patterns and pronunciation of words. Dictation software has improved considerably in recent years, so most users will no longer need to buy separate software for it. A power user may be interested in purchasing the software or apps at the bottom of this page, but most users will be fine with what is built-in to operating systems.  CC-BY-SA AccessMOOC

Built-in device/browser




Windows 10

Google Chrome


  • Dragon Speech Recognition is an advanced, customizable voice recognition software program that assists users control their computer by the sound of their voice.
  • Otter.ai transcribes meetings in real time.
  • Braina is a virtual assistant and dictates text.
  • Read&Write offers text-to-speech that could be useful if one already has a license for its other features.


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