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CCTV Magnifiers 

CCTVs are print magnifiers. They can be standalone, handheld, or a camera attached to a computer. They have the ability to magnify printed text to the desired user magnification and allows for color contrast changes to meet the needs of the user. Some CCTVs are also able take a picture of the text, convert to readable text (OCR), and store for later use. The use and application of these devices are user dependent.

More information on the CCTV is available on information page on the American Foundation for the Blind website.

The list of devices here is not exhaustive and is a guide to devices that will provide a general information on the products and how they apply to the environment of use.

Handheld Magnifiers

These magnifiers are easy to carry and use in different locations and many times an effective tool to be used in the classroom. They vary in sizes and run-on battery. These devices need to be charged and some models allow for use with an external monitor. Many have the feature enabling the user to take a picture and store it temporarily.

Portable CCTV

These magnifiers are easy to carry and are an effective tool for use in the classroom. They typically have a camera that can attach to a computer/laptop and use the monitor as a display. They are similar to handheld magnifiers in their use but the ability to have the camera travel with the user is what makes it different from the handheld version.

Some examples of portable CCTVs are:

Desktop CCTV

These magnifiers are stationary, and some models have evolved to have OCR functioning. They are used for magnification of printed materials and commonly used for accessing tests, maps and other visual content. They provide a variety of color combinations and large magnification levels.


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